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10.21.2018 : Our K-litter was born today ! (5 male and 4 female puppies) There are no more available puppies out of this litter, all of them are reserved. 



We have puppies ! Our J-litter was born on  11.20.17 ( 6 males , 5 females) 

We have still  male puppies available ! 

12.02 .17 Special Dog Show for the Hungarian National Breeds in Budapest : 

We finished the show with fantastic results ! 

DD Harcos puppy class very promising 2/3

DD Gyurma Junior Class excellent / HPJ and Best Junior !

DD Hirös puppy class very promising 1/2 and she won the Puppy Best in Show in first place ! 

DD Grimasz  intermediate class excellent 1/2, CAC and BOS ! 


06.10+11 2017 Székesfehérvár international CACIB dog show results : 

1st day : DD Grimasz "Szimat" junior class : HPJ, Best Junior and Best of Breed

DD Dorka open class : CAC, CACIB

2nd day : DD Grimasz "Szimat" junior class : HPJ, Best Junior

DD Dorka open class : CAC, res.CACIB

Szimat is now Hungarian Junior Champion, with age of 11 month and only after two show-weekends! 

We have puppies ! Both litter are arrived ! 

The H-litter was born on the 05.27. (DD Alfa x Csővárberki Mérges) . Seven boys and a girl were born. 


The I-litter was born on 05.29. (HSCH Áldozóvölgyi Drótos Bodza x Csővárberki Mérges) , 6 girls and 5 were born.

More information : rebi.meyer@gmail.com 

Planned litters for May 2017 :

Dunaparti Drótos Alfa ( 2x HPJ, AV, VAV, HD-0)  x Csővárberki Mérges ( AV, VAV, ÖTV, HD-0)

HSCH Áldozóvölgyi Drótos Bodza (7x CAC, 7x resCAC, 3x CACIB, 2x resCACIB, 1x BOS, AV, VAV, HD-0)  x Csővárberki Mérges ( AV, VAV, ÖTV, HD-0)

Planned litters

More information : rebi.meyer@gmail.com

+3630 5731323

05.05.2017 : It is time to make an update on the english side too smiley I believe I did this last time for about two years ago, sorry for this.

 Many things are happened by us during this time, we have got our F-litter in 2015 (out of Áldozóvölgyi Drótos Bodza x Áldozóvölgyi Drótos Cserebogár), in the same year we have lost the first litter of Alfa... It has still happened during pregnancy, she was bitten from a tick and she became ill with babesiosis..my heart was broken, she lost because of the drugs all of her puppies in the 5th week of the pregnancy ... but she has became completely healty and that is the most important.

Our G-litter was born in our new home already in Summer 2016. (Bibi x Zöldmáli Csanád) I kept a beatiful girl out of this litter, Szimat - more about her later.

In January 2017 was our Gy-litter born (Mezőföldi Kajtató Zsémbes x Csővárberki Mérges) This litter was a real wonder : 13 puppies were born, the last one has came one day later as the siblings. We only discovered him during the control examination, he was a very big surprise. From the beginning he was much smaller than the others, now he has become a beautiful, powerful young dog, No one could say that he was the smallest in the litter. All puppies have found a new home. 

We are moved in 2015 to 6346 Sükösd, It has been much renovated and built but we all feel very comfortable.We have made some contacts and met new people, now we are hunting in one of the nearby hunting companies. 

We are visiting dog shows and hunting competitions regulary, our dogs have won in the last years several best in the class, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BOS, HPJ, Best Puppy, we completed basic huntig tests, hunting exam, water field exam, got Titels Hungaria Champion, Hungaria Show Champion, German Champion, International Show Champion and more ... we were diligant smiley

In summary, everything goes its way, we are fine and are happy. smiley

I will try to make an update of every page, but  it will take some time. 

Budapest Grant Prix int. Dog Show 04.30.2017 + 05.01.2017 : 

DD Grimasz "Szimat" Junior Class 2x exc.1, 2x HPJ, 2x BOS

This was her very first show by the age of 10 month . She has received a lot of praise, I am very proud of her ! 

DD Drazsé (male) ist still looking for a new home ! 

Drazsé has found a lovely new home in Belgium . 

Contact : rebi.meyer@gmail.com or +36 30 5731323


We have puppies !

Our D-Litter was born on 1st Februar, 10 puppies 5/5

Mother and the puppies are well. 

Cs-Litter borned on October 22th 2014

4 males and 4 females

More information : rebi.meyer@gmail.com

Tel: +36 30 573 1323


Planed litter for October 2014 : 

For more informations contact me please !


+36 30 573 1323


Our C-Litter was born on Sept 28th, 6 females + 3 males! 



Informations : +36 30 573 1323 , rebi.meyer@gmail.com

Juni 2013 : 

Kaposvár hunting dog show, Szigetvár national dog show & wirehaired vizsla special dog show, Juni 22-23

DD Alfa 3x excellent, 1x HPJ

Mezöföldi Kajtató Zsémbes " Chewbacca : 2x excellent 1 / 2x CAC

Székesfehérvár international dog show, Juni 15-16 :

DD Alfa, junior class 2x excellent, 1x HPJ

Mezöföldi Kajtató Zsémbes "CHewbacca" open class, 2x excellent 1, 2x CAC, 2x resCACIB

Alfas hip displasia result : HD-0 (free)

16.May 2013, Gödöllö-Babatpuszta :

DD Alfa & DD Apród passed succesfully the basic hunting test.

20. April 2013 , Martonfa :

Fürdöházi Pajtás "Karak" passed the basic hunting test and got the breeding licence 

Our B-litter was born on April 01. 2013 (6 males & 5 females) 

All puppies are reserved already.

Parents : Àldozóvölgyi Drótos Bodza & Zöldmáli Zsivaj

More Information: rebi.meyer@gmail.com , +36 30 573 1323

2014.Februar 14-15 Budapest, Winter Dog Show : 

Dunaparti Drótos Apród "Csontos" puppy class: 2x best note very promising,1x PUPPY BIS 2

Zöldmáli Hancur : 1x excellent, 1x very good

2013.01.13 CACIB Nürnberg : Dunaparti Drótos Àrva, started in puppy class, got the best note "very promising". Congratulations to family Vates !


The hunting season is over. We were  almost every week on the road, searching  for pheasants, ducks, foxes, jays. Here are some images that were made ​​after the hunt.

I changed the dogs every week, every time could two of them come with. 

Dunaújváros CAC dog Show, Okt 10

Lili / Zöldmáli Hancur CAC

Bijou / Àldpzóvölgyi Drótos Bodza resCAC

Karak / Fürdöházi Pajtás puppy Class very promising, Puppy BIS 3

Dunaparti Drótos Alfa baby class very promising

Here a picture of Karak :

Sept 8-9 Székesfehérvár HU, CACIB Dog Show results :

Bijou / Àldozóvölgyi Drótos Bodza : CAC,CACIB,resCAC,resCACIB

Lili / Zöldmáli Hancur 2x very good

Karak / Fürdöházi Pajtás puppy class 1x very promising , 1x promising

Our A-litter was born on Juni 25th 2012.

Parents are Mezöföldi Kajtató Zsémbes & Zöldmáli Csanád. You find pictures of the puppies under  "Puppies / A-litter"

If you are interested on a puppy please contact me : rebi.meyer@gmail.com

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